March 2017 Sunday School Newsletter

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Dear Sunday School Families,

What a fun year of learning we've been having!

In January we started lessons about Jesus in the New Testament and will continue till the end of the school year.

This month we'll be learning more about Jesus and the great miracles He performed such as calming a storm at sea, healing the sick, opening the eyes of the blind, and how He walked on water.

Also, the last Sunday of this month (March 26th) the children will be singing the following during the 10 am service (lyrics are set to the tune of Jesus Loves the Little Children.):

Jesus is the living water, living water to my soul!
I will give my heart to Him, He will give me joy again!
Jesus is the living water to my soul!

Last month the younger class sent out encouraging notes/get well cards to the people who were listed in the bulletin for prayer requests.  What a blessing those cards were!  I hand delivered one of the cards to a recipient and when I explained the card was for him from one of the Sunday school children he chuckled.  It was the first time I'd ever seen him smile!

This month we'll be gathering Christian literature for Love Packages (Click here to see a needs list from  Love Packages is a ministry aimed at putting Christian literature and Bibles in the hands of people all around the world.
Can you find extra Bibles in your home?  See if Grandma and Grandpa have Bibles they'd like to share!
We'll be making bookmarks with the children that they can put in the books to encourage those receiving them.
Let's help the Word of God go forth!

Also, mark on your calendars that Palm Sunday (April 9th) the children will be singing at the 10 am service.

Do you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for the Sunday school staff?  We'd love feedback to know how we cna best serve your families!

Love in Christ,
Katie Rock

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